Breast Augmentation Surgery: 3 Things You Should Know

Breast Augmentation Surgery: 3 Things You Should Know

Disproportionate breasts in women may generate uneasiness in different ways. Even though it’s acceptable to have breasts of different sizes and shapes, for a few women, they can be too lopsided. Not only do uneven breasts give rise to a lack of self-esteem, but it can also be in particular bras that fit snugly. To make your asymmetrical breasts look similar, a breast augmentation surgery clinic in Oxnard is your ultimate go-to.

Here are three important key things you should know.

1. Causes of Mismatched Breasts

• The asymmetry that breasts develop can be comprehended from the knowledge of anatomy.
• Breast glands have a connection to lobules via small duct-like tubes.
• The small tubes eventually, enlarge to form a nipple or areola visible on the skin.
• The shape of a breast is determined by the connective tissues and ligaments circumscribing it.
• With an abnormal change in the size and shape of breast lobes, the structure of connective tissues is impacted causing variation in breast appearance.
• Breast asymmetry is characterized by dissimilarities in the position, size, form, and volume of the breasts.
• In general, breasts undergo change every so often, which also is perceptible to most women.
• Other factors that result in breast asymmetry include puberty, hormonal shifts, and trauma.
• On the word of the best surgeon for breast augmentation in Oxnard, heightened blood circulation and water retention are observed for the period of ovulation and pregnancy which consequently induce breast enlargement.
• With these two phases coming to a close, breasts resume their original shape and size.

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2. Unusual Occurrences of Breast Asymmetry

• A few cases of breast asymmetry, for instance, juvenile breast hypertrophy, is abnormal.
• This condition leads to irregularly excessive growth in one of the breasts thereby giving rise to extreme mental distress in the course of the adolescence phase.
• Girls encountering this condition develop low self-esteem and find it difficult to socialize.
• They also experience telling times while working out or looking for clothes that properly fit their body structure.
• Hence, according to the best breast augmentation surgeon in Oxnard, girls coming under psychological distress triggered by breast hypertrophy may contemplate an enduring solution such as breast augmentation.

3. Types of Breast Augmentation

• Breast augmentation cosmetic surgery has gained immense popularity in Oxnard over the past decade.
• The surgery comes to your aid in regaining self-confidence by correcting the unevenness in your breasts and enhancing the overall appearance.
• The operation is carried out by embedding breast implants underneath your breast tissues or chest muscles.
• According to a cosmetic specialist from a clinic offering top breast augmentation surgery in Oxnard, there are various types of breast implants, of which, for example, silicone, saline, and cohesive gel “gummy bear” implants being considered the commonest varieties.
• Each of them is appropriate to correct and improve the appearance of asymmetrical breasts.
• Simultaneously, it’s necessary that you appreciate the fact that such implants have significant benefits as well as drawbacks.


Prior to making a decision to go ahead with breast augmentation, a thorough consultation with a professional cosmetic surgeon is a must. The doctors at Luxe Aesthetic Surgery & Medical Spa are board-certified plastic surgeons who can come to your aid in making you understand breast augmentation procedure in depth. Your surgeon will have answers to all your queries and keep you well-informed of the benefits and likely risks associated with breast augmentation surgery.